Absolutely Perfectly Grey!
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The time is 6.30pm. My heart races and anxiety creeps into my mind. Will I make it? As the MRT doors open, I sprint as I can; away from the station till I am finally standing before the doors. I slowly open them and the strong wind of the air conditioner cools my body down. And as I enter the room filled with the art of the past, present and future I realize why I spent so much energy, time and effort to be at this gallery.

I was grateful that this year's NAFA 3D design show, Perfectly Grey, fell on my one week break which enabled me to have my time and freedom to visit the show. The show which took place concurrently at NAFA Lim Hak Tai Gallery and Nation Design Centre saw huge crowds coming forth to witness new innovative ideas and professional craftsman work produced by my talented juniors and seniors.

Bravo graduates!

For those who were unable to make it, here are a few pictures I had taken during my visit at the exhibition.

Enjoy and have a good weekend! :)

 photo photo5_zpse008eed0.jpg
 photo 222344_zpsa2b75bf7.jpg 
Contour Couch by Kok Zhi Nee Genie
 photo photo6_zpsf7a97d2b.jpg 
 photo 1211212_zps1b969342.jpg 
 Workbox by Muhd Hazim Bin Abul
 photo photo8_zpsc1d0199f.jpg 
 photo photo10_zps7b8cfb78.jpg 
 N Table by Chay Huan Yin
 photo we_zps8c080338.jpg 
 photo l3_zpsa870304e.jpg 
 The Living Shelf by Lee Hui Ming Heather
 photo l1_zpsb4350cec.jpg 
 Hanging Stool by He Jing
 photo 233333_zps588c7a01.jpg 
 70.30 Table by Serene Ng Ser Ling
 photo 2222_zps2e53ee7c.jpg 
 Transitional Furniture Series by Chua En Zhong Eshton
 photo photo9_zpsdf6bb975.jpg 
 Indeed, life is beautiful! :)
 photo 423_zps42565309.jpg 
 photo photo_zps0e77f0f5.jpg 
 photo 223233_zps996117a1.jpg 
 photo photo3_zpsa0554c5c.jpg 
 photo photo4_zpsc0368ac0.jpg 
 photo 1212222_zpsfcaf9042.jpg 

 photo 121212_zps805e2791.jpg 
 photo photo12_zps1713a570.jpg 
  by Ng Mei Ling
 photo photo11_zps7a42f219.jpg 
 photo 232_zps91545ce6.jpg 

 photo l2_zps7eaf32ae.jpg 
 by Lim Junie
 photo l7_zps44ffaa88.jpg 
by Lim Xin Ying
 photo photo7_zps1970a6cb.jpg 
by Marc
 photo 12121212_zps108368d3.jpg 
 by Susan Jacob
 photo l5_zpsdced5178.jpg 
 by Steven Limin
 photo l6_zpscf493c56.jpg 
 by Livia Kurniati
- Pickers :)

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