International Furniture Fair 2013 (Expo)
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Last weekend, we went to the annual International Furniture Fair Singapore and Hospitality Design Fair 2013! Where different designers from all over the world come together to share tips, design and make new friends. This year, we went to check out the competitions such as FDA, the 48 hours challenge and also how some designers reuse the remnants from our one and only national stadium and turn it into benches.

Material Explorations for a Better future

FutureCraft Workshop:
Organized by SFIC and Himpunan Desiner Mebel Indonesia (HDMI), 13 designers from Singapore, Indonesia and Sweden made a memorable journey to Solo City, Indonesia to attend the FutureCraft Workshop. The objective of the workshop was to create new approaches towards modern-day design using traditional materials. They learnt to work with materials such as teak, bamboo, rattan, recycled wood and ceramics.
Each designer had to design a piece of furniture using the methods they have learned and incorporate it into their designs.

A video to explain more about the FutureCraft Workshop and the experiences of their trip.

Close up of the 13 Furniture Designs

Platform 2013. 
Where designers from different countries use this space to showcase their designs as well as for schools to showcase their students work! 

Nafa's 2013 3rd Year Students Works

Every year, Nafa would get a booth at platform to showcase their 3rd year students works. We had our chance to showcase our works last year and it was a good experience as we got to talk to other designers from other schools as well as traders. Every year, we are given a theme to work on for our designs, this year's theme was Design is a crossroad of Art and Science where they each picked a scientist to be and from there, use different methods of furniture making to create their designs.

Nafa's 2012 3rd Year Students Works - What our batch did last year! :)

Our theme was a Prehistoric Cave cafe, where we had to design furniture that you find in a cafe.

Lasalle's 2013 Students Works

Works by Natanel Gluska, He takes a whole tree stump and using only a chainsaw, he carves out these amazing works of design. Despite the advancement of technology in production methods, he sticks to the tools of a craftsman.

One of his works, which functions as a sound buffer to the user sitting inside. But we happen to try out that it do not work for everyone. He has a collection called Made in Singapore, consisting of the Long 8, V stool as well as the Kopitiam chair.

Moyee, a monster fish ball designed by Jason Goh, was inspired by his childhood memories. He used to play with food, and his grandmother would tell him that the fishball will turn into a monster and eat him.  

Bernard rollin' around in the Moyee

Study models made out of food items you can find at a fishball noodle stall

This series called "Makan Time" was done by little thoughts group, inspired by our Singaporean eating habits and traditions.

'Makan Time' by Little thoughts group

"Pantang In Makan" by Chan Wai Lim

This design consist of a pair of chopsticks, a bowl, spoon, lap napkins and serving plate. And each piece is based on an old wives tales about not eating all your rice or not eating cleanly, you will be "cursed" to be with someone that have pimples all over his/her face, or correct way to hold the utensils and bad habits such as shaking of legs during meals.

Our Humble Breakfast designed by Lee Leong Chye

This design was one that we all could relate to, as it was a breakfast delight that all Singaporean would have come across. We could enjoy our breakfast all in one tray and allow us to appreciate each of the elements.

'NOTA' Mug designed by Lee Hae Seung, Scott

This mug provides a new experience for Singaporeans as we always tend to hold our spoon with our thumbs while drinking tea or coffee as to prevent the spoon from sliding and poking our face. This NOTA mug is designed to prevent the spoon from moving around in the cup and irritating the user. 

We came across a group of Thai Designers from various design studios that shared an exhibition space. they had many interesting designs that have gained media recognition in Japan.  

Right: View of their exhibition booth. Left: Coat hanger inspired by a plant growing out from under a rock.

This coat hanger 'Woodpecker' done by Studiobo stood out immediately when we were looking around. This coat hanger have a unique feature that allows the "hooks" which looked like woodpecker birds to be turned in and out of the pole like how woodpeckers peck holes into the wood. 

Photo Credits to Studiobo

Flat packed and easy to assemble

'Sim' Series by TakeHomeDesign

'Sim' Series: Consist of Stools, Tables and Chairs

A charming set of table and chairs made of clean lines and of solid colors. Using solid teakwood for the legs yet designed for flat pack shipping and using MDF Hi-gloss lacquered top in various colors featuring pop art look for lively indoor usage. 
This series of furniture reminds us of the De Stijl movement of the 1917.

Sim square table

That's all for part 1 of this 2 part post. Stay tune for part 2 where we cover more on the competitions that are being showcase at S*cape, Park Mall and Dhoby Ghaut Green

-By Pickers

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