Starbucks concept stores in HongKong
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Hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates about the Singapore design scene, but fret not, there is an upcoming event for the NAFA 3D design graduation show next week, if you guys are free, do drop by and check out the students works. 

Anyways, this post is actually about 2 Starbucks concept stores in Hong Kong. Not sure if you guys have visited these stores before, but they incorporate the olden day elements of Hong Kong into the stores making it a different experience altogether. 

The first store, Bing Sutt- - When Starbucks Meets G.O.D at Duddell Street. This Starbucks is designed to look like the 1950s Hong Kong arts and culture, a collaboration with Douglas Young's concept store G.O.D (Goods of Desire).

The Exterior of the store.

The store is divided into 2 halves - fusing together a retro style with a contemporary coffeehouse design.

A mixture of new and old

Fake windows that display posters and items from the past, and traditional Chinese menu

Everything about this store is just so exciting. The tiled floor mixed with concrete, the over-the-top decor, traditional Chinese writings, fake windows that shows display of olden days items such as toys and retro movie posters, even fake bird cages hanging from the ceiling! The retro side of this Starbucks is being recreated just to look like an traditional Hong Kong cafe! 

But, the other best thing beside the awesome looking decor? East- West fusion twist of the food! Yup, you guessed it, they have Pineapple buns, coffee paper cafe, Coffee egg tarts? what's not to like! Sorry, but taste wise, not that fantastic, would rather eat those in the bakeries. but at least these are traditional Hong Kong food that you can only find in these hong Kong Starbucks stores. 

Bing Sutt – The Starbucks Concept Store
Shop M2, Mezzanine Floor, Baskerville House, 13 Duddell Street, Central (10 walk from Central MTR),
Tel: +852 2523 5685 Email:

The second and latest Starbucks concept store is located at Sai Yee Street, MongKok. Although this store is also another collaboration with G.O.D, the design and outlook of the store is totally different from the one at Duddell Street. 
The exterior of the store

This concept store is built to reflect the cultural characteristics of Mongkok. Hong Kong movies play a big role in the local culture, and its also one of the main elements of design for Sai Yee Street Starbucks. Decorated with photos of local people taken on the streets to old movie posters and contemporary arts that reflects the living heritage of old Hong Kong.

Chinese words decorated the staircase walls

A sign that says 'More seats upstairs' made out of Mahjong tiles!

Recreated advertisements

89-91 Sai Yee Street, 1F-2F Wai Kee House, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

So if any of you guys are planning a trip down to Hong Kong, do drop by these 2 Starbucks and take a look. it would be an experience not to miss out on. 

PS: sorry for the bad quality photos.


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