100% Design Singapore
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Last Thursday, we went to 100% design, Singapore. A small exhibition that was held at Marina Bay Sand, a fair for the tradesmen to widen their goods and for designers to expand their network. The first stop was The Makers' Marketplace, several artisans' objects were on display and was on sale as well, these objects were all delicately crafted with the utmost patience and respect for their craft. Though they were the first that we came across, we were also most fascinated by them. 

(A few examples of what amazed during the fair.)

Further in, we had gotten a glimpse of the future of manufacturing, 3D printer. We were taken for a quick walkthrough about the different types of 3D printers that were available now in the market, 3 different types of 3D printers ranging from the powder based to thread based. They were able to make the most intricate of products such as figurines of all imaginations to engineer parts with micro-precision. 

(Furniture ranges by Jarrod Lim)

Last on our trip was a range of furnitures by Jarrod Lim, a designer known to the local design scene. They were his latest range of furnitures that were to hit the scene. Fully practical yet comfortable to sit on. We quite enjoy sitting on all of them, especially the one with the red cushion. It was so nice that the moment we sat on it, our blood just stopped flowing down the our legs and we felt so relaxed immediately. We did not managed to speak to him, as he happened not to be around to find out more about his work, sorry readers. 

These were the things that we wanted to share with you all cause we felt this were the one that caught our attention the most. So we hope you readers enjoyed reading it as much as those booth caught our attentions.

- Pickers

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