After 2 + 10
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Last Friday night, was the opening night of After 2 +10, a yearly exhibition held by NAFA 3D department to showcase furnitures designed by students during their first year in furniture design and this year event happened to be the 10th anniversary of After 2. So in this year After 2, beside showing works that were done by apprentices of the department. Alumni from the past decade were also invited to display their works once more.  

The exhibition was curated in such the current students' works are placed in front and the alumni in the back, it is like a time passage where the audiences get to walk through. Personally we quite like the overall atmosphere of the exhibition. It was quite welcoming, and relaxing. So we urge you readers to take some time to go down and have a look, to see how ideas and thoughts have crystallized into something real. 

Don't let self-doubts make you forget how resourceful and resilient you can be. We all have bucket load of creativity within us.

The event is open until 4th of November 2013. 

- By Pickers

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