Temasek Poly Graduation Show 2013
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Last weekend, we made our way to the Temask Polytechnic Design Graduation Show 2013. Showcasing works from different studies ranging from Interior architecture to fashion and apparel merchandising.

Ps: before reading on, please note that we are very brief on the description due to lack of information as there weren't many students standing around to explain their works, it made it a little bit hard to understand some of their works as well.

Had to leave our mark to let people know that STREET PICKERS WERE HERE AT THE TP DESIGN GRAD SHOW! :) 

We walked around different departments, and saw a few interesting works. As Temask Poly is well known for their aiding in health care industry, their product industrial design students designed furniture and products that will aid the healthcare system and also some that will allow people in third world countries get cleaner water.

We then made our way over to the interior architecture design area, where their students had certain themes to their final year projects. One of the themes was Corporate, where students had to pick an office name to design for. there were quite a few of the students that choose to design for Google office and also Air Asia office.

What caught our eye for this booth was mainly how good her sketches were. made us think that she was maybe from the fine arts department.

A Google office design, this student was very detailed with his development works, and he documented every bit of information on his sketch book.

Next we walked over to the retail and hospitality design area. The students booths here were more attractive, as they took time to design side labels, backdrops as well as to make it look cohesive to their design. which was something that also drew us to read more about their works.

A side banner to help get the point across.

A more outstanding backdrop that draws the crowds attention.

Walking on, we walked and browsed over the fashion apparel and interactive media design where nothing much caught our eye and over to the Visual communication design area, where the students works were so colorful and a lot of their works were very interesting.

There was one particular work that really stood out was done by Joshua Lim. His work was literally about about him! I guess he must have really loved himself a lot... talk about self obsessed... haha! but because of how much he loved himself, made us more interested to view his work.

As we were walking down the aisle of the Visual Communication booth, we happened to come across the booth of Zhi Wei. He was the first to approach us to explain about his work. His works are as confident as himself. He took pride in explaining every detail of his every individual works. And even shared a bit of his philosophy with us. For his Final Year Project, The Square Meal, is an eatery that with a  cooking school. It supports the use of sustainable products and livestock. These leather works were sew by him and he also do other types of handicraft with balsa woods and screen printing.

Slightly further down, we were greeted by this cheerful looking designer, Mei Kee. She was brimming with positive energy that she left a deep impression within us. For her FYP, it was revolves around our Singapore's cultures. Her love for our Singapore's culture was the reason for doing so. Every 3D pop ups and cutting were cut meticulously by her. She had spent hours choreographed every layer of papers to make sure they all matched. 

The 3D pop up book was also done by her. Within it, contained various landmarks of Singapore. Such as Chinatown and Orchard Road. Personally I felt that the book was a very great piece of product for tourists. They will be able to open the books to their friends and families and touch on what was iconic or special about those places.

The second was an awareness campaign for PETA, spreading the words, educating and promoting. By using such a gory translation, it may touch the people more and leaving a deeper impression in them to play a part for our world.

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