National University of Singapore - NUS Graduation Show
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Last Saturday was the opening day of NUS, Department of Industrial Design graduation show. It is held at the National Library at Bras Basah. It's seem like it was broken down to 3 sections, the conceptual on the left, the production methods in the center and the medical on the right. The show has a very light feel to it, minimal props allowing the works of the graduating students to stand out prominently. 

Our favorite piece of work during the graduation show, Charcoal things, there is this subtle humor to it and we felt it was nicely done. It has complimented the concept so perfectly of eliminating the form of charcoal that we were all once so familiar with. Not only that, it has blended into their own surrounding without attracting any unwanted attentions or disrupting the balance of the atmosphere of the surrounding.

Chindogu, A Japanese art of inventing unorthodox solutions to solve daily problems. If I were to translate it in, it will be quirky. Personally I really like Watermelouth the most, allowing me to enjoy my watermelon without breaking it to create an additional piece to hold and throw. 

Rekindle, a simple rocker with the mechanism to allow paraplegics the ability to feel movements and  sensations that were once lost. The swinging motions encourages intuitive exertion of trunk muscles needed to train balance for everyday activities. So simple but yet so functional.

My niece will definitely go gaga over this, Little Chef play set. It is quite interactive and enriching product that teaches the children, the simple action of cooking and train their motor skills. When we were there, the spatula was already missing, maybe some kid liked it so much decided to bring it back home to cook some sumptuous meals for his/her friends. *joke*

Well, personally we quite enjoyed ourselves over at NUS Industrial design graduation show, great snacks to top it off. Managed to learn some new stuffs from a couple of them. We would like to congratulate all of them. It was such a great idea for the event to be held at the National Library, having it staged in a general place allows the public to know and touch more on design. It can also be a medium, a platform to inform public, the future generation that design do exist within Singapore too. 

- Pickers

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