NAFA - Alchemy-ism the Wonder Kid
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Bestowed with an Ipad, but we were unsure of its purpose. We were told to look out for barcode and have them scanned for something really special. So we thought it was like searching for Wally but it on a different level. 

On the same day, which we went to 8Q to gather information on the plates, which we had posted awhile back, we went to NAFA first to visit an exhibition held by both the Design and Media Department and the 3D Department. It was an exhibition whereby I would describe it as “Art meet Science”. The artistic flair and finesse touch of graphic design cross with the logical and practicality of furniture making. So maybe that was why it was named Alchemy-ism, it required precise measurement, creativity and innovation to cook up a mysterious concoction like those works that were displayed.

When we were given a tour by one of the alchemist, we were awed by that the main part of the exhibition was actually behind the screen.

Ok, ok maybe I was too excited to describe that part but the screen was playing the introduction of what the whole exhibition was about. And it just ended abruptly with a girl running beyond the yonder and we were like what? But it was meant for us to continue with the rest of the girl’s journey.

(Caught us slightly off guard there!)

As we carried on with the journey, we started off with the "Science" part of the exhibition, works made by former apprentices who were still learning the craft of furniture making then. Though they were made years ago, the furnitures were still looking sturdy and fully functional and not to mention that they still look modern despite going through the passage of time. 

The petal looking stool was the one that really caught my eye. It reminded me of the Butterfly Stool, by Sori Yanagi (1954-2011). Simple pieces of plywood manipulated to form something beautiful.

The end of "Science" part of the exhibition brought forth the "Art". We were given a treat of the endless ideas inside the mind of the digital alchemists. And also, we had unraveled the true purpose of the Ipad, the moment we scanned the barcode. A video suddenly appeared before us. It was pretty cool. Real high tech stuff there.  

Further back in, was short clips and their story boards. Those clips was very interesting, especially the one with the golden gummy bear. And two others that were very deep and intense. They have won several acclaims from the prestigious crow bar award(if I have remembered correctly.) 

Overall the entire exhibition was very good, interesting and well curated. Throughout there isn't any drop in climax, we were totally impressed till the very end. Very well worth of our time, and beside this isn't the first NAFA managed to do up something this interesting. Looking forward to their next exhibition in October. Good job NAFA!  

- By Pickers

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